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First game written on Wang 2200 (BASIC) in 1975. First computer, Commodore PET, bought in 1978. Was an arcade game master player during the late 70's and early 80's, won multiple tournaments and co-wrote a book on beating the top arcade games. Computer industry journalist throughout the 80's (over 250 articles, plus one book). Personally wrote over 20 published PC games during the 80's, mostly using Turbo Pascal. Invented episodic gaming and pioneered digital distribution of games with Apogee Software, founded in 1987 (with the Kroz series). Apogee dominated the shareware game's industry in the early 90's. Co-pioneered the FPS genre with Wolfenstein 3-D. Co-founded 3D Realms in 1994. Co-founded Gathering of Developers in 1998. Major game projects include Descent, Duke Nukem, Max Payne and Prey. Always a proponent of original IP over Hollywood licenses.


Martial arts (because a few have asked: Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do, Judo), snow skiing, blackjack gambling, Indian food, drumming, disc golf, water sports, traveling, Tex-Mex, health & fitness, marketing & business books, quantum physics, Chinese food, stock market investing, and video games. Ten most admired non-religious, non-family people: Bruce Lee, George Patton, Leonardo di Vinci, Albert Einstein, Neil Peart, Arthur Jones, Peter Lynch, Al Ries, Ronald Reagan & Socrates. My first post has more bio information.